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Web Application Testing

If you're going to rely on anything to drive your business forward and make your life easier, you want the assurance that it's been tested thoroughly. Not only that, you want the tests to be consistent, because one skipped test could mean a critical component of the application might be broken.

LightningHammer WebApps: Tried and True

In short: choosing LightningHammer to develop your next web application ensures you will receive evidence that the application works as expected, continuous support, and an excellent product that will help you succeed.

  • Fully Automated: Our tests are written to be run automatically by a computer, providing accurate and fast results
  • Reliable: With tests covering every layer of the application, A LightningHammer web application is reliable throughout.
  • Rigorous: By using tools that can determine what code isn't being tested, we are able to ensure that the entire application is covered.

The Process

At LightningHammer, we rigorously test our web applications throughout their development. Not only do we test what you see, but we also test how you interact with the application and the underlying components of the application itself. This ensures we cover everything that makes up the application and are fulfilling your requirements.

Finally, our tests are automated, which means that every test is run on our computers as we develop the application. At any point, the computer will be able to tell us when a test fails (meaning there's a bug in the application!) and we can immediately fix the problem. This means that before we've even launched the application we have already eliminated bugs. And we always run these tests before we publish updates the application.

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