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Setup Windows Live Writer with BlogEngine.NET

So you want to edit your blog straight from your desktop? There’s a nifty FREE program out there from Microsoft; Windows Live Writer. Here are our installation specs:

  1. BlogEngine.NET 1.5 (Ours is setup to use SQL Server)
  2. Windows Live Writer 2009

Now that you have those two installed, setup is a snap. There are just a few steps to configure Windows Live Writer. First you have to select the blog service.

Since we are using BlogEngine.NET (MetaWeblog API) we will select “Other blog service”.

Next provide your blog URL and login credentials.

If you have your blog installed in a sub-directory of your website you will use the sub-directory location:

Otherwise, if your blog is installed at the root, you will use the root url: or

BlogEngine.NET 1.5 supports Really Simple Discovery (RSD), so windows live writer will automatically determine the correct settings to post, edit, and delete posts. Finish the setup by naming your blog in Windows Live writer, and then you’re good to post until your heart is content.

Another great feature of Windows Live Writer is the use of plug-ins. One useful plug-in I’ve found is the Twitter Notify plug-in. This will allow you configure and post twitter updates for your blog posts.

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