We are an agile web development group that combines creativity with functionality to create extraordinary web applications.

Meet the Team

  • Roger Frederick Founder / Creative Director / Designer

    Roger provides the design direction and all the flashy images that find their way to your projects. With over 10 years in web design and development, and even longer in graphic arts (he's been doing this since he was a kid), Roger can turn your ideas and vision into something cool and cutting edge.

    Superpowers: Photoshop Visionblast, 3D Rendering and Animation Telekinisis, Illustration Superspeed.

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  • Keith Storm Founder / Lead Developer

    With a passion for "function", Keith is the one that makes sure all the pretty stuff actually works. Keith has been programming and developing websites for 7 years with a wide variety of technologies. When he isn't working he enjoys spending time with family, catching a flick, and pwning n00bz on the xbox.

    Superpowers: Code Force Regeneration, Relational Database Powerbomb, Cascading Style Strength

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