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  • Carolina Park - Website Development

    Carolina Park

    "Carolina Park is a 1,700-acre master-planned community conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Shaped by the principles of “smart growth,” Carolina Park is a family-friendly place where neighbors enjoy an active, connected lifestyle and where work, recreation, education and gracious living all take place in one amenity-packed, environmentally conscious setting."

    The site was designed and developed by LightningHammer in conjunction with the talented team at BrandFarmers.

  • Springdale, SC - Website Development

    Springdale, SC

    We are proud to announce the launch of the newly created website for the Town of Springdale, South Carolina. Springdale is located just outside of Columbia, South Carolina, and features a small town charm, southern hospitality, and family values that have flourished in this community.

    The site was designed and developed by LightningHammer with photography provided by r.g. photography.

    Check out the site here.

  • Do You Need Responsive Web Design?

    A new buzzword going around the industry is "responsive web design".  You may have heard it, you may not have, but it's likely you have seen some websites using it. If you have your own webpage, or your company does, you have probably come across the issue that your website doesn't work exactly how it should in every browser, every size, or every device.  It looks too small, too large, or text and images scroll off the page.  Responsive web design tries to remedy this problem, and...

  • Abbeville Chamber of Commerce - Website Development

    Previously hosted on a Joomla! content management system, the Chamber was having a hard time keeping the site up to date.  LightningHammer designed and created a new site that would match the new branding for the City of Abbeville's new website. Along with an easy to use LightningCMS setup, the site is integrated with a ChamberMaster software solution.

  • Abbeville, South Carolina - Website Development

    The City of Abbeville had been living with the limitations of their state hosted website for a while and they were ready for an update. They enlisted us to create a custom website design for them as well as provide a CMS (Content Management System) so they could keep the site updated and fresh.  The new fresh website the City has now is super user-friendly, beautiful easy-buttons, access to permits, an event calendar and so much more. Check it out and tell your friends!

  • Governor's School for the Arts site launched

    LightningHammer was selected by The Governor's School for the Arts Foundation to design and develop a new website. The foundation works in collaboration with the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities to create extraordinary experiences for students, teachers, donors and the state-wide community. We enlisted the talents of artist Allison Reich to create the new design, while the site is powered by LightningCMS.  Click here to visit the site.

  • Four new websites launched

    We've been working like busy little bees around here the past few months. So busy we haven't had a chance you fill you in on what we've been up to. Over the past few months we have launched four new websites (and we have a couple more that are almost ready).

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