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  • Cool and Easy Sketch/Cut-out Effect in Photoshop

    Sometimes I need to make some icons that have a unique look to them, but I am required to use some source photography to create it.  For this project, I needed something that looked like a pen sketch, but had a nice "sticker-like" quality to it.  I came up with a really simple and easy way to process each photo quickly to create the icons. First, our source image: It could be anything, but luckily this had a white background so I won't have to do a lot to actually cut it out. Next, you...

  • Opening native apps using Appcelerator Titanium

    Ever needed to open a native app from your Appcelerator Titanium project? Read below for a simple method I put together. The below method works for Android and iOS.

  • Design Tip: Let's Make Shiny Buttons in Illustrator

    Shiny Buttons Tutorial Ok, are you ready to learn some basic steps to create shiny looking vector buttons in Illustrator? Let's get started. First you must have Illustrator!

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