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@MikeSuper gets a website upgrade courtesy of @LightningHammer and @Allie1138

Mike Super, 2011 Entertainer of the Year and winner of NBC's hit series PHENOMENON, has given us the wonderful opportunity to develop his new website.

The new design was crafted by the talented Allison's Backstage Design. Behind the scenes the site is powered by LightningCMS along with custom integration of twitter and youtube. The new site has moved away from the use of Flash and now relies on modern CSS and Javascript.

Look for more exciting work with Mike Super including online interactive applications and mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

During development of the website, we had the pleasure of seeing Mike's show live at The Peace Center. Mike is a truly talented entertainer and if you ever get the chance, check out his show. You won't be disappointed.

Click here to view case study.

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