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LightningHammer serves up a CMS and Video Production for Kreative Kustom Motorsports

We are back at it again with Rhem Galloway of Rhem Galloway Design, LLC. Rhem approached us to take her website design for Kreative Kustom Motorsports and turn it into a site with CMS capabilities. We customized LightningCMS to provide a back-end CMS to match and maintain Rhem's highly custom design.

On top of the website, Kreative Kustom Motorsports wanted to wow their customers with a 3D Logo introduction video. We converted their Logo to 3D and created all the animation with Lightwave 3D®. Once the animation was running smoothly we teamed up with Idryonis Studios where they added sound, music, and special effects.

Site Features include:

  • LightningCMS
  • Custom Photo Gallery mapped to LightningCMS back-end photo gallery editor
  • 3D Logo Introduction

So if you're in the market to customize your car, or if you just want to see a pretty cool website check them out at

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