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LightningCMS Feature Additions: Blog Pagination

Hot off the development floor comes another new feature for the LightningCMS blog element; blog pagination. Blog pagination is a simple feature that now displays a page navigation feature at the bottom of your blog lists that allows you to navigate to older blog posts by clicking on the desired page. 

Note: pages generated by blog pagination are dynamic pages and will NOT count against the page limits of your website.

To enable blog pagination, simply check the box to enable pagination and enter the desired number of posts per page. The default is 20 posts per page and the maximum allowed is 1,000 posts per page. This feature is only available on blogs that are using one of the list settings (list, list with body, or list with summary).

After you have enabled pagination, a page navigation control will automatically be added to the bottom of your blog list. This list is also very easily styled using the built in CSS files for your website. 

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