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Is your website mobile friendly?

With the dawn of the smartphone, it is increasingly important that a website is usable not only on a desktop or laptop, but on a mobile device as well. Analysts are predicting that the future of web browsing will be dominated by mobile devices, with the personal computer taking a back seat.

Fortunately, LightningCMS is up to the challenge and easily lends itself to duplicating your website content and displaying it in a mobile friendly template. Take our site for example. If you visit our site with a standard web browser, you will see the standard website in all it's glory, including high resolution photos and animated javascripts. 

That information is too heavy for mobile browsing. Therefore, when you navigate to our site using a mobile device it will automatically redirect you to a lightweight version of our site. The graphics are scaled down and the information is designed to quickly find the most important information. This makes the mobile browsing experience much easier for the visitor.

Not sure how many people are visiting your site with mobile devices? That information is easily viewable when using Google Analytics in conjunction with your website. You can see what screen resolutions visitors are using including what mobile browsers they are using.

Don't lose customers because of a mobile unfriendly site. Contact us today and see how we can help.

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